By Dr. Carine Klimentidis

Mufasa visited us recently because his owner noticed he was going in and out of the litter box and wasn’t acting like himself. After an examination by Dr. Klimentidis, which included an ultrasound check of the bladder and urine sample collection, she recommended running a urine sample. Because of Dr. K’s concern about Mufasa’s condition, she recommended running the sample STAT with our new Urine SediVue machine to see if urinary issues were the cause of Mufasa’s symptoms.

This new SediVue machine allows us to have urine samples microscopically evaluated for sediment, such as crystals, bacteria, or blood cells. It also sends pictures of the urine sediment directly into the patient file at PAWS. This advanced technology provides results that are just as accurate as when samples are sent to an outside lab, except we get these results instantly!

IDEXX SediVue Dx: Allowing for quick, accurate analysis of urine samples.

Crystals in Mufasa’s urine. The SediVue DX takes pictures of the urine sediment, picking the Top 3 Images from the sample, and transfers the images into your pet’s file.

The SediVue Analyzer results helped Dr. Klimentidis to diagnose Mufasa with crystals in his urine, a symptom of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), which can be common with young male cats. We are so glad that we have this new diagnostic machine at PAWS which provided us with important information about Mufasa so that we could get him feeling better quicker!

We are happy to report that after Dr. K’s speedy diagnosis, Mufasa was started on medications right away. By the time he went home, this brave boy was already feeling much better!