Enhancing Mobility

Patients with severe injuries or debilitating conditions, whether short or long-term, benefit from assistive devices. Depending on the location of the injury and amount of time that the assistance is needed, we choose from pelvic and chest harnesses (Help-em-up brand), padded abdominal slings, and a variety of mobility carts specially measured to the patient and designed to allow ambulation in animals that cannot walk on their own. We can order harnesses, 2-wheel and 4-wheel carts from a variety of companies after measuring your dog.

Supportive Gear

Less severely affected animals, such as dogs that can walk but are weak, are candidates for ToeGrips or booties, these products help by providing traction thus eliminating or decreasing the amount of sliding and splaying. For injuries affecting only one limb that needs corrective support, we order and modify orthotics, splints, and braces as needed for fittings.

Our goal in physical rehabilitation is to limit the need for assistive devices if possible, but for many of our patients’ conditions, they have a dramatically enhanced quality of life through necessary long-term assistance. We want to keep your pet in motion!